Restoring the water, the hope, and the promise.


What if men, women, and children were equipped and trained to be the solution to their own water needs?

We are more than a charity. We do opportunity.

When you contribute financially, you allow us to equip our local organization to identify and drill new wells in the Gemena region. We then partner with the local villages to provide training for well maintenance and support to strengthen their communities.

Jordan Seven is organizing maintenance teams which will service the villages that we drill wells and install pumps in.



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What we do

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What we are doing.

  • Drilling new wells

  • Currently, Jordan Seven is partnering with Debo Enterprises (pictured above with Director of Africa Operations, Jim Hocking), to provide clean water for the people of Gemena.

  • Repair and maintenance of existing wells

  • More that 60% of the wells in Subsaharan Africa do not work more than a year after they are installed.  We are setting up systems that will keep the water pumping even 10 years after a well is drilled.

  • Realizing that pumps break, our team is investing in ways to keep existing pumps working.
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  • Drinking clean water helps kids stay in school.
  • Less time collecting water means more time at school.


  • Disease from contaminated water can kill more people than war.